Temporary blog


My free webhost server was hacked and all the accounts were deleted including mine. If you tried visiting my blog and can't access it, now you know why. I'm not sure if I'll get my account back coz my free webhost requires users to make 10 posts a week in order for you to keep your account since it is a free webhost. Even though it isn't that much, I don't have the time to regularly visit and make 10 posts a week so I doubt it if I would be able to have my account back. I'll know in a week's time coz that's how long it's gonna take before they could restore all the backups.

Right now, I'm looking for some options. Searching for other free web hosts that offer the same services but don't require posting or a very affordable web host with the services that I need to run my blog.

This blog right here is cool but it's limited. You can't use plugins and you can't change the theme. That's why I'll be using this just as a temporary blog. So for all my friends, blogmates and regular visitors, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I hope to get things straightened out ASAP!


11 Responses to “Temporary blog”

  1. I was wondering what happend to you. Can you afford 4.95 a month for hosting? thats the best bet! I’ve been at Webhost4life.com for 4 years now. Wouldnt change hosting service for anything. They are awesome!

  2. I was Here.. Welcome Back!

  3. @trench – although $4.95 is a very affordable price for a webhost, i don’t have a fixed monthly income so right now, i’d have to go with a free webhost. thanks for da info though, i might consider them when i got cash to spend for my blog. 🙂

    @mr nice ash – thanks for droppin by..outcast ako ngayon kaya dito muna sa temp blog..hehe 😀

  4. ay.. anu ba yan.. nabitin ako 😦 bat ayaw mo magpahost?? 🙂

    sa http://www.influxhost.net maganda.. cheap lang!

  5. wow… wordpress blog… 😦 wala pa din invite ko 😦

  6. Terrible! That’s okay… wordpress.com rox!

  7. kaya pala walang lumalabas sa kinja ko.. hmm. try mo hostingph my promo pa ata sila $25a year with domain na… ganyan gamit ko ngayon eh…

  8. HOSTINGPH is the cheapest kase per year ang payment..I have 100MB 1GB hosting for only 1000Php/yr (dati actually, 900Php lang yan)

    Tsk tsk. ano nga yung host mo dati? Yung na hack?

  9. thanks for recommending those sites..i’ll check them out and think about it..but i doubt it..i think i’m gonna be out of the blogging scene for a while.

    @val – my previous free host was iconrate.net

  10. i don’t know if you tried the ploghost.com of yuga. It’s hosting is not as cheap as other hosting but is is already affordable for us pinoys and it also has better customer support.

    why not try ploghost.com if you haven’t tried it yet

  11. i know about Ploghost.com and their services. i also know Abe (Yuga). however, i don’t have enough financial resources as of now to pay for hosting services. my blog is hosted for free in IGB.net so i couldn’t complain about it being down for a few hours. anyways, thanks for the suggestion and for dropping by. 🙂

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