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My webhost’s server is offline. So that means that JaypeeOnline is also currently offline. I don’t know the reason why the server is down. It could be a scheduled maintenance or something came up and caused the server some problems. I also don’t know when it would be back online. But one thing I’m sure […]

New Domain


Hi there! If you are looking for my blog, I have it on my new domain, You see, the .com domain belongs to someone else who let’s me use it. So I decided to get my own domain and I also plan to buy the .com next year when it’s registration expires. So please […]

Yes, I’ve lost my blog again. I don’t know what happened to my free webhost. They said that all the data would be moved to a new server and that they would email all users further instructions on what to do but until now I haven’t received any emails from them. I tried the forums […]



I'm still pondering as to what I should do with this blog account. This is something to good to put to waste. As of now, I don't have any ideas. Anybody out there who has a good idea? Hehe. 😀

Temporary blog


My free webhost server was hacked and all the accounts were deleted including mine. If you tried visiting my blog and can't access it, now you know why. I'm not sure if I'll get my account back coz my free webhost requires users to make 10 posts a week in order for you to keep […]

I can't access my main blog and I believe that the server of my free web host is down. This sucks! I really should start thinking of getting a reliable, paid web host and also getting a domain name, watchu think? If someone out there is willing to give me free hosting, better! hehe..I […]